Gowd SI

Gowd Si Silicon plant strengthener grows stronger plants with thicker stems and leaves. They have greater resilience to fungal and insect attack and are less affected by drastic temperature changes.


Gowd Si

Gowd Si Silicon contains easily absorbable silicon, an important material for building cell walls. With Gowd SI plants will grow quicker and develop thicker stems and side branches. The thicker cell walls help protect the plants from fungus, germs, insects and temperature fluctuations. Gowd Si balances the absorption of nutrients which produces deep green foliage and optimizes photosynthesis.

The silicon in Gowd Si is the only silicon on the market that is produced by fermentation where micro organisms produce ‘or-tho silicon’ which is much more absorbent than silicon produced from potassium and soda water glass.

SI500 500ml,   SI1 1L,   SI5 5L,   SI10 10L


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