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Grotech Distribution ltd was established in 1995. Our aim has been to supply specialized and commercial hydroponic equipment throughout the UK market. Which we have done very well over the last 27 years.

Leading with our backed up customer service and advice from over 27 years of experience in the industry. Supplying innovative products from the industry leading manufactures to professional growers.

A place for all your commercial growing needs and equipment for the professional grow activity and more!

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We have a short information guide on our rolling benches for you to download. If you’d like to gather all this information, so you can read in your own time. Simply click below to claim your free short rolling bench guide.


Commercial Lighting solutions

Lighting solutions for your every need. A large range of commercial LED lighting fixtures, along with network and bluetooth apps. Several LED fixture designs, including single bar, PAD and top light.

industry leading manufactures

Leading suppliers of top brand name companies from all over the world. Top brand nutrients, Lighting, Rolling benches, XTray and many more.

27 years of industry experience

With 27 years of experience in industry, please feel free to contact us for advice and any equipment needs you may be after.

Wachsen Rolling Bench Layouts

Rolling bench layouts and equipment supplied for commercial use. We can supply rolling benches from standard sizes up to 26 meter, with lighting and netting support trellis. All are GMP certified and FDA approved.

For professional & commercial growers

Providing every commercial need and advice for professional growers across the UK. From bench layout to full lighting plans

Leading Customer Service

We are backed from thousands of happy customer over many years in the bussiness. We look forwards to talking with you soon.

Commercial Benches

This technology is revolutionizing the horticultural growing industry by increasing overall crop yields. Along with giving more growing space to maximise your commercial growing.

The Wachsen Professional commercial benches, all areas can be catered for size and space for max produce for the commercial and professional growers.


Nanolux have around 40 Years of Experience

The Nanolux Technology have received more patents than any other ballast brand on the market. The Nanolux Technology team brings to the table over 40 years of experience in the horticultural and hydroponic industries.

They also have the largest network in the industry with the best after sale service, bar none.

More Efficient, Smaller In Size

Nanolux Technology are always pushing and continually advancing in the industry. Surpassing the status quo with new designs that are not only more efficient, but also smaller in size.

For example, Nanolux uses cutting edge circuit board technology which allows us to produce digital ballasts at half the size of traditional models and at a quarter of the weight.

Full Line of Complete Fixtures

The original Nanolux OG ballast was launched in 2011. Then Nanolux followed up with the Flip Series, NF Series, and Dual Series ballasts. In addition to stand alone ballasts, Nanolux now offers a full line of complete fixtures.

Rolling bench & Lighting Layouts

Start the right way

Our rolling benches and lighting layouts help customers choose the correct equipment for each specific installation.

We use information collected over years of R&D to produce detailed rolling bench and lighting solutions that use energy more efficiently.

Grow better quality plants and produce more yield.

We use detailed calculations of light distribution and overlap to determine reflector or fixture trypes and exact location of fixtures/benches. According to the stage of plant growth we can supply specific lighting spectrums for any situation.

These detailed rolling bench and lighting layouts show the estimated cost of fixtures, save time in grow room planning and help to estimate power usage and costs.

Building a facility without the right planning can lead to expensive mistakes.

Professional lighting and rolling bench layouts provide accurate information to ensure lighting and rolling bench solutions are completely dialled in. This allows the grower to estimate yields and income from each room.

When the quantity and type of fixtures has been agreed we can quickly deliver normally from stock.

We provide a complete after sales service on all of our products to maintain yield and reliability.

All our professional rolling benches, cloning, drying and trimming products are fully GMP certified for use in commercial facilities. They often exceed industry standards.

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