NanoLux 600W SE

NanoLux 600W SE Full Fixture is worth considering. This grow light is highly reliable and can produce excellent results at an unbeatable price.

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This fixture will maximize light output regardless of spectrum. Its unique design consists of a Nanolux 600W SE watt ballast, a quality reflector.

NanoLux 600W SE Complete Grow Fixture 208-240V Specifications

Input Voltage: 208-240V, (other voltage models available in 240V) ( voltage models in 400V are special special order)

Output Voltage: 600 watts
Amperage Draw:
Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
Operational Frequency: >85kHz
THD: <10% PF: >0.99
CF: <1.7
Ta = 30c (86F)
Tc = 65c (149F)
Ballast and Fixture weight: 11.7lbs

Ballast and Fixture Dimension:


Like all of our ballasts, the 600 SE comes with Random Start, Soft Start and Soft Dimming capabilities. The traditional commercial overlap reflector is designed to work on a 5’ on center application in conjunction with other Nanolux 600 SE fixtures.

Humidity is between 40 and 50%. The plants will begin to wax their leaves. The results will be noticeable within a few weeks. When used correctly, the Nanolux 600W SE Lamp Fixture provides the best results with plants.

Nanolux also have great LED Lighting in the market, Please feel free to check out our Nanolux selection.

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