Nanolux PAD 720w with Air sterilization feature

Nanolux PAD 720w LED fixture with Ultra violet air disinfection system. The built-in Osram UVC 275nm lamp has a 99% disinfection rate. The on board fan constantly moves air around your room killing harmful fungas and bacteria. The lamp is easily replaced, it has zero UVC leakage and complies to UI8802 standard.


Nanolux PAD 720w LED fixture with Air sterilization feature

The Nanolux PAD series of Led fixtures features a unique folding design that not only saves storage space and shipping, but has an extremely low profile, which helps in areas with low ceiling height. The large surface of the Led board can dissipate heat 1.8 times faster than bar Led lights, which maintains the fixtures performance and increases the life span of the diodes up to150%.

The IP65 rating ensures dust, moisture and water protection, in fact the Nanolux PAD Led fixture can be used in environments up to 95% humidity, such as out door commercial applications.

The highly efficient 2.9 umol/j Osram diodes produce an impressive 2090 PPF, which can be dimmed manually, with the Nanolux 0-10v touch controller, or through the Nanolux NCCS system.


Unique folding design saves space and reduces shipping costs

Large LED board cools 1.8 times faster

Use right out of the box, no wiring or building

On board Ulta violet disinfection system kills harmful bacteria and mould/mildew

Dimming: NCCS-RTU, NCCS-0-10v, Manual


Output Power: 720W

Efficiency: 2.9 umol/j

Light output: PPF 2090 umol/s

Light distribution: 120

Mounting height: 20-60cm

Operating humidity 0-95%

Lifetime: 50,000hrs

IP rating: IP65

Size:1120 x 1110 x 48mm

Warranty: 5 years



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