Nanolux SN630 LED fixture

Nanolux SN630 led fixture UV and IR control

Nanolux LED SN series of LED fixtures are designed for professional growers looking for fixtures with higher output, better build quality and longer lifespan. The SN series features heavier finned light bars with a larger surface area and better heat sink, which keep the diodes cool and pro-long their life.


The added IR and UV spectrum, which are used in small amounts are individually controlled by digital timers on the front of the unit from 1-12 hours. These greatly improve smell, taste and quality of the final product.

The highly efficient 2.9 Umol/j full spectrum diodes produce 1810 Umol/s and can be accurately dimmed with the digital dimming function on the front of the unit from 20-100%. or with the Nanolux touch 0-10v controller.

fixtures have an IP65 rating, they are sealed from dust and moisture entering the unit and can be reliably used in environments up to 95% humidity


The classic fold-able design is easier to transport and store. Manual digital dimming control buttons with a range of 120W, 150W, 235W, 315W, 390W, 470W, 550W and 630W.


Smart control with the new Nanolux Master pro controller. Control On/off, Lux intensity, UV and IR duration.

0-10V compatible, can be used with the Nanolux 0-10v touch screen controller.

Network compatible, can be used with the Nanolux NCCS network controller.

Bluetooth compatible, can be used with the Nanolux NCCS Bluetooth controller.

Random start, soft start, soft dimming, over-temperature, over-voltage and open/short circuit protection, making it safer for users. Smart digital control with LED bar protection function.

IP65 design ensures water, moisture and dust protection.


Light output PPF:1830 μmol/s

Efficiency: 2.9 μmol/J

Light distribution: 120

Hang height: >30″ (80cm) above canopy

Operating temperature: 0°C~35°C

Operating humidity: 0-95%

Lifetime: > 50,000hrs

Warranty: 5 years standard warranty





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