PRO-CUT Mini Dry Trimmer

The PRO-CUT Mini dry trimmer is handy on space and time when it come to harvest time. After weeks of patiently drying your harvest.


The PRO-CUT Mini Dry Trimmer is handy on space and time when it come to harvest time. After weeks of patiently drying your harvest. Do you really want to spend another week (or more!) hand trimming it.

Neither did the team at Pro-Cut! The PRO-CUT Mini Dry Trimmer has everything you know and love from the original Pro-Cut Dry, in half the size.

PRO-CUT Mini dry trimmer are MADE IN CANADA, of high grade stainless steel and feature food grade components.

There are many copies out there, but none of them have the harvesting performance or clean flower trimming cuts of the original Pro-Cut Dry Mini leaf trimmer. Built for growers, the Pro-Cut Dry Mini has 8 adjustable angles for optimal tumbling and perfect trim.

A heavy duty, direct drive motor which turns the stainless steel drum and gently rotates the plant material across the Pro-Cut Dry Mini leaf trimmers grille.

Also made of stainless steel, the trim grille allows stems and leaves to pass through to the precision trimming blades while protecting your flower buds. The nicely manicured buds remain inside the drum and the scraps are released into a container (not included) beneath the machine as the blades trim them.

The Pro-Cut Dry Mini trimmer

Includes 2 precision trimming blades.

An extremely durable UMHW blade (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) that is both FDA and USDA compliant,  and a 304 Stainless Steel blade for added versatility. Both trimming blades feature  nearly two hundred cutting edges to rapidly and beautifully trim your harvest.

The Pro-Cut Dry Mini features two strong and lightweight clear Lexan poly carbonate doors. One is used to seal the barrel containing the flower bud harvest and the other for safety, to protect fingers and objects from the  rotating drum. Both doors use a magnetic seal door system to ensure safe operation.

The trimming process can be monitored through the Lexan doors,  or set the built-in 15 minute timer and walk away.

A ventilated gear box and  the reliable 1/10hp heavy duty motor with run capacitor will ensure the  Pro-Cut Dry Mini will complete its job time and time again. If the unexpected  happens, all Pro-Cut trimmer replacement parts are readily available to ship.

The Pro-Cut Dry Mini can be disassembled in seconds with no tools. The stainless  steel components and powder coated frame clean-up easily and quickly.


Sturdy stainless steel construction

1/10hp heavy duty motor 17 RPM 1/20 HP  60Hz  0.6A  240v

Extremely quiet 8 adjustable tumbler angles for perfect trimming

Made in Canada


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