XTray Reservoir 50 Gal White

The XTray Reservoir 50 Gal white is reinforced to stand up to the forces of nature. XTrays is rigid, durable withstands extreme temperatures.


The XTray Reservoir 50 Gal White is reinforced to stand up to the forces of nature. XTrays construction is rigid, durable and withstands even extreme temperatures.

Easy to view level indicators keep nutrient levels exactly where they should be.

XTrays Reservoirs are of the highest quality and a level of durability unmatched in the industry.

Made in Canada at their cutting edge thermoforming facility. XTrays reservoirs are manufactured with high impact ABS instead of the more common HIPS (styrene). Can easily withstand temperature fluctuations and the hazards of daily agricultural use.

The versatile XTrays reservoirs include water level markers on the inside walls to facilitate the measuring and addition of nutrient solutions.

Features of the XTray Reservoir 50 Gal White

Premium ABS plastic

100% BPA free

Rounded corners for easy cleaning

Gradation inside to accurately assess optimal water level

Low profile

Available in black ABS plastic


Inside Dimensions: 27.75”x 39.75”x 13.75”

Outside Dimensions: 33”x 45”x 13.2”


This water tanks quality is second to none, comes with water level markings, which makes nutrient level perfect to water ratio.

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