XTray Rolling Bench 4′ x 8′

XTray Rolling Bench 4′ x 8′

The XTray Rolling Bench 4′ x 8′ are one of the easiest and most practical additions to a hydroponic growing room.



The XTray Rolling Bench 4′ x 8′ are one of the easiest and most practical additions to a hydroponic growing room.

They allow you to use up to 50% more of the space in your grow room. Which could recoup the investment with your first harvest. In addition to the practicality of rolling benches for high value crop cultivation. Also saves electrical energy and make climate control easier.

The increased airflow beneath the benches, makes it easier for your climate control system. Not only to reduce humidity and reach it’s set goal while using less energy. Particularly when compared to crops grown at the ground level.

XTray Rolling Bench 4′ x 8′


Heavy duty construction

Made from galvanized steel

8″ of  tray travel on each side

1 year warranty

Designed and built in Canada


Height: 26″

Weight: 96 lbs


The XTray Rolling Bench 4′ x 8′ offers you a large workspace, without sacrificing comfort.

The fast-fit rolling bench can fit two rows of grow trays, eliminating multiple aisles between rows. Moreover, the bench expands to any length by connecting end-to-end to create any length desired.

Its sturdy, heavy-duty steel construction includes heavy-duty galvanized steel bar, base, and table top frame. It requires minimal tools for assembly and is available in a variety of custom configurations. The bench fits industry-wide grow trays and rolls up to nine inches to each side.

The rolling bench can be easily added to any hydroponic cultivation facility. The new bench allows you to utilize 50% more grow room space. This innovative bench helps to control the environment by reducing humidity and energy used due to the increased airflow under it.

This bench is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel, and is compatible with wire mesh and flood tables. The benches come with angled anchors and are available in different sizes to meet your unique needs.

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