Gowd Basis A&B Hydro/Coco

Gowd Basis A&B Hydro/Coco is A 2 part mineral liquid nutrient for growing and flowering plants in hydro and coco fibre.


Gowd Basis A&B Hydro/Coco is a 2 part mineral liquid nutrient for growing and flowering plants in hydro and coco fibre. Basis A&B is made from the highest quality. Naturally pure NPK and MG elements (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Magnesium) plus spore elements in a form that can be absorbed instantly.

Basis A&B contains virtually no redundant matter, it stays a very stable and clean and is ideal for hydroponic solutions.  Basis works quickly, produces dark green foliage, thick stems and fast growth.

Use Gowd stimulants 1, 2 & 3 for heavy yields and clean, quality produce.

Gowd Basis A&B Hydro/Coco are your base nutrients from the Gowd range.

Available in 1 Litre, 5 Litres and 10 Litres

It is best to follow the directions on the bottle to ensure the best results.

We recommend using an EC meter, all dosage is calculated on a base EC of 0.5 

Week         1          2         1           2          3           4         5           6         7         8         9

EC             1.1        1.3       1.4        1.5        1.6         1.7        1.8        1.9       1.9       2.0      0.5

ML/PL      2ml    3ml     3ml     4ml      4ml     5ml     5ml     5ml     5ml     5ml    0ml

Components are:

Gowd Basis  A – NPK and Mg elements, ratio 19-0-15-4 plus elements of spores.
Gowd Basis  B – NPK and Mg elements, ratio 7-9-30-2 plus elements of spores.

Suitable for many hydroponic systems, along with many medium types such as rock-wall, Coco, pebbles or Lava-rock. Use Gowd Basis A&B in equal amounts, but only mix together after diluting them separately.

It is recommeded by Gowd for best results to use Bio Stimulants.

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Gowd Basis A&B Hydro/Coco range can be found on our website here. Great nutrients that have been around for may years used and tested. Trusted by many hobby growers and professional commercial growers all over the world.


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